October highlights - From sun-down yoga to 17th century ice-cream

Image courtesy of Sahana41

Image courtesy of Sahana41

As the torrid summer season gave way to a balmy Autumn this month, Birgu exploded into a flurry of cultural events and activities that brought visitors from all corners of the isle and from across the world to the historical hamlet.

On 8 October, Birgu was alight with the glow of thousands of candles as electric lights were switched off for the annual BirguFest that has become an annual highlight on both local and international calendars. 

Later on in the month, the Inquisitor's Palace played host to an insightful educational journey into the ice-cream making techniques of the Knights of Malta. Led by Dr. Noel Buttigieg, visitors caught a glimpse into secret 17th century ice-cream recipes while they were treated to samples whipped up by chef Josef Baldacchino.

Finally, our very own Yoga and Sound retreat led by Szilvia Gardian hit international news as the 4-day event culminated in a unique sun-down session that was set against the magical back-drop of Fort St. Angelo and Valletta's fortifications in the distance.