Palazzo Falson steps into the magical world of snuff boxes

Palazzo Falson Snuff Boxes Boutique Hotel

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum is one of Mdina's oldest buildings (its roots may be traced back to the 13th century), and one of our favourite little corners of the historical hamlet. You can therefore imagine our sheer delight when it recently unveiled its latest exhibition, which shines a spotlight on the history and magical world of snuff boxes.

Featuring an array of 200 boxes sourced from private, museum and ecclesiastical collections on the isle, the exhibition takes visitors on an insightful historical journey that saw this little accessory rise from being a simple snuff container to an elaborate expression of 16th century, upper-class wealth. 

Silver, enamel, ivory, glass and gold have been masterfully transformed into exquisite pieces of miniature art, and this eye-opening exhibition is certain to thrill history and culture buffs alike.

Until 26 February 2017. Free entrance. For further details, visit