Remembering The Great Siege of 1565 with a guided tour hosted by FAA

The Great Siege of Birgu 1565

As the sun rose on the morning of the 19th May 1565, this tiny Mediterranean isle began preparations for the first of many battles that would signal one of the most important victories of its history - The Great Siege. Until 11 September of that year, the Knights staunchly defended Malta against the invasion of the Ottoman Turks, signalling the climax of an escalating contest between a Christian alliance and the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

To celebrate the anniversary of this very first battle, the cultural organization FAA is set to take you right back in time to where it all began with an exploration of Birgu with Vince Zammit. Join him as he takes you to the historic heart of the Knights of St. John in Malta, and re-live one of the greatest sieges in all of history.

For further details and tickets, please visit 19 and 20 May. 6:30pm to 8:15pm. Meeting at Birgu's Couvre Porte by The War Museum.