International Baroque Festival returns to Valletta and beyond

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The seventh edition of the Valletta International Baroque Festival officially launched on 11 January 2019; a festival that has in a few short years captured the imagination and support of an ever-growing public.

The Festival will again this year venture out of Valletta to other baroque venues including Mdina, the old Siculo-Norman capital, Birgu and Senglea which lie across the Grand Harbour from Valletta and form part of The Three Cities; and Rabat, Ghaxaq, Qrendi and Zejtun – all boasting exquisite examples of Malta’s baroque heritage.

This is what makes this festival so special. Listening to a great Handel or Bach work in a black box may be edifying enough, however it will never attain the magic of being set in a cathedral that is a heraldic and hagiographic paean to the glory of the most illustrious chivalric order the world has ever known.

The Festival shall run until 26 January 2019.