Wine and Design with JAD Jewelry Art Design

Locanda La Gelsomina boutique for Christmas

Earlier this month, we welcomed the festive season with a cozy afternoon of sweet wine, artisanal Italian panettone and a fireside chat with JAD Jewelry designers Gioia Clavenzani & Ivano Ghinelli.

Set within Locanda La Gelsomina's jewel-box boutique, guests were treated to a fireside chat with niche jewelry designers Gioia and Ivano as they shared their brand story and eclectic jewelry-crafting experience that has taken them everywhere from Tuscany to Sydney and now Malta. Accompanying the creative conversation were generous portions of artisanal Italian panettone by historical brand Fiasconaro (that included fragrant pandoro covered in a sublime pistachio spread) and sweet wine by slow wine winery Pojer and Sandri of Trentino in Italy.

Set again a backdrop of 500-year old Maltese architecture adorned with Christmas touches, the afternoon was an intimate and delightful affair, immersing guests in a unique culinary and design experience.