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Our warm hospitality vision is complemented by a cross-over retail experience that we share with both in-house guests and passersby. 

Step into our jewel-box store and discover interesting trinkets and unique furnishings from far and wide that speak of our travels and family journey. Purchase everything from antique Burmese lacquerware and Tibetan cabinets to perfumed saari cushions and throws.

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Burmese "Ava" Buddha statue

18th Century Burmese Ava Buddha statue for Burma. A true piece in Ava style with characteristic inlayed eyes and 150cm tall, gilded with 24 carat gold.

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This impressively large silver box is known as a hip sla, a term which describes the large outer container made to contain other smaller boxes necessary for chewing betel.

During our travels, we have always made the time slow down and savour fragrant cups of local tea. Our love for this moment of reflection is found in our collection of hand blended, award-winning organic Bellocq tea blends that are available to purchase exclusively in Malta from our store. 

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N.42 "Little Dickens"

A chocolate-kissed blend that is loved by all, this caffeine-free tisane is blended from organic, fair trade South African rooibos, vanilla, soothing mint, and cinnamon. This treat calms jitters, settles tummies, soothes the soul, and does so especially well when served with milk and honey.  

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N.31 "Siam Lemongrass"

An exotic caffeine-free blend of bright organic lemongrass and fresh ginger root with notes of lush basil, fragrant orange blossom and vibrant red mandarin. Refreshing in summer, Siam Basil Lemongrass makes a wonderful iced tea and also a very chic popsicle. 

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N.47 "The Queen's Guard"

Inspired by classic, dew-studded English gardens, The Queen's Guard is a perfect afternoon tea. Lightly perfumed with the essence of rose and lavender, it celebrates two of our favorite flowers. Well-balanced, elegant, and remarkably well-suited with a slice of lemon-scented loaf cake.