A Unique Story.

Locanda La Gelsomina is the reflection of our family’s unique journey across continents and over time. Every corner and each nook of this humble, 500-year old space speaks of our European roots and our explorations across the Far East, which we called home for 20 years.

All the antiquities and furnishings that bedeck this simple yet intimate haven hold a personal story of our countless travels that took us from Lhasa to Jodhpur and beyond. Meeting new people and basking in genuine hospitality ignited a passion that shaped our very personal sense of what it means to host a guest.

Locanda La Gelsomina is more than just a place to stay. For us, this 500-year old space is about bringing journeys together, connecting with each guest, and leaving them with a unique story that they will share with a smile long after they leave the shores of this magical isle.